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Groovy Tubies Super Protection Belt

Image of Groovy Tubies Super Protection Belt
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The Groovy Tubies Super Protection Belt belt is ideal for anyone who needs extra protection/padding around the PEG site area. It is the same design as the Plain/Lightly Padded Belt, but has a slightly wider piece at the front which has a slot for a padded ring to be inserted for extra protection. This is especially useful for crawling/lying on tummy. The padded ring can be removed for washing or if not needed.

Super Protection Belt ( this listing)
Recommended for Tube Type: Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy Buttons. Provides a padded ring that can be inserted and removed for raised protection around the button site.

Plain/Lightly Padded Belt (separate listing)
Recommended for Tube Type:
All Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy buttons/tube types. These are particularly popular with people that have PEG/Freka type tubes. These belts can be lightly padded around the access window.

All belts have a tab below the access window to secure the tube/extension tube. Velcro tabs will be placed to the side of the access window to secure tubing. (This will be the person's left side, unless you state otherwise) Please note, tabs to the side can be used if you are allowed to turn your ‘tube types’. If you are not sure if your button/tube can be turned, please check with a medical professional (Community Nurse/Surgeon Team).

There is also the option for a sewn in pouch to store excess tubing when not in use or not needed.

I make the belt with approx 4 inches growing room built in. The belt fastens and is adjustable with Velcro strips.

All belts have a small piece of elastic sewn in to help keep the belt from slipping down.

Fabrics used: The top layer is quality cotton fabric. I will send you fabric pics to choose from. The backing is bamboo fabric. Bamboo fleece, jersey or towelling. ( The towelling comes in white/ cream or pink) please leave a note at checkout with your preference. If no choice is made, I will send bamboo towelling. All are very soft and comfy to wear. Bamboo is a natural fabric and helps regulate body temperature naturally and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Waist measurement, measuring snugly over the peg site.
Gender and age. I will send you suitable fabric pics to choose from.


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. I am happy to help.

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