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Port Cover

Image of Port Cover

Port cover! Protection for GJ peg style end ports, to help prevent the ports getting caught and opening.

Wraps around the tube and fastens with KAM snaps.

Cotton top layer with polar fleece backing. Nice snug fit, won't slip.

2 options:
1. G tube, GJ tube port cover:
Size: approx 16 cm long x 7 cm at widest point. Curved shape.

2. Foley Flip Catheter port cover:
Size: approx 18 cm long x 8 cm long.Rectangular shape.

Let me know the recipient's age/gender and I will send a suitable fabric print.
If you want to choose the fabric print, add a note at checkout stating any preferences.
I will then send you suitable fabric pics to choose from or if you prefer, choose a suitable print for you.

Happy to answer any questions.

3-5 Working Days